What I bring with me


I have not been on the water and actually fish much at all lately. I’ve been on the water just not a lot of fishing has been done. Not that I don’t want to, it’s just I have a bunch of deadlines coming up and it needs to get done asap!

Since a couple them are video, I can’t really show bits and pieces then until it is done. The other is the Calendar and I can only put up teaser photos not the main shots that will be on the Calendar.

I get asked a bunch what I normally bring with me on a shoot. If we are doing a “serious” video, not the Vlog playsport video I bring a video pelican type box.  This has microphones, multiple cameras, filters, batteries, cleaners etc.

My Croc Ace… I bust my ass a few times wearing regular Croc but the Ace has a boat bottom and last 3 times longer. I know most local places don’t carry the ACE so you will have to get them online. I got mine locally at Lashley’s Marine in Punta Gorda.(Crocs are ugly but very functional, don’t smell, comfortable, durable in saltwater and last a long time .)

My Still box, all the fancy lens and multiple bodies, cleaners, extra batteries and polarized filters.

My Simms Bag, waterproof for my keys, wallet, phone,  ipad, rain jacket, snacks, and misc stuff.

not in the photo as we didn’t plan on underwater stuff: Underwater housing

If we really want to do some serious stuff, you’ll see tripods, mono pods, Steadicam , jibs, shoulder mounts, scrims, portable strobes and light modifiers. Yep, no fishing rods.

In the photo helping me was Scott of Florida  Fly Fishing School and Captain Joe Harley.

BTW: if you’re interested in fly fishing and want to learn, I might be working a “Saltyshores” deal with Scott. I don’t know the details yet but I’ll  let you know as soon as I know.

The shot I tried today but we just didn’t have the time or the light, a mid flight fly.. .. it’s a bit blurry but I thought it was cool anyways.