Reminders and Forgotten information people asked to put up and Events this weekend, FREE Saltyshores Stickers


The last couple days I’ve been down in the Ft. Myers area shooting more Saltyshores Calendar stuff.

Cheeky Flyfishing reels I mentioned a couple days ago according to my feed back and the statistics has some good interest. The complaint was there isn’t enough photos of the reel. All the photos are on their Facebook page go check it out. Plenty of photos there, not quite as good as Saltyshores photos though. 😉

I also forgot to put up the link for the Croakies Arc sunglass holder. If you type Croakies Arc, was first the bring it up and the first on the Google search.. wooo hoo! Can I get a cookie or at least free Croakies ARC for the Saltyshores crew to “test” out? 🙂

EVENTS reminders:

The Break Like A Fish guys will be there. Also will be there is Dale Snead who will be representing Operation Still Waters and Saltyshores. You can pick up FREE saltyshores stickers there just ask.

Soutshore, Ruskin, Apollobeach,  Outdoor event is this weekend.


TECO South Shore Community Events Center
302 Noonan Branch Road, Apollo Beach

Come see all of the fun outdoor activities
that can be found in Florida…especially
in South Hillsborough County!

Vendors include:
• Fishing & Camping
• Water & Team Sports
• Biking | Running | Walking
• Sports Apparel
• Outdoor and Wildlife Artists
• Food Vendors
• Activities area for kids AND adult

More info Here

—————– More Events this weekend

Simms Night at Orlando Outfitters
Thursday, Oct. 21st

as Simms’ Executive Staff and Florida Representative Dave Chouinard present the Spring 2011 product lineup. Sign up early for a free Simms/Orlando Outfitters T-shirt.

More info here:

—————– In Kissimi/Orlando is the Fly Fishing Conclave Oct. 22 & 23, 2010

Also this weekend is the Fly Fishing Federation Conclave in Kissimi/Orlando Florida

I have no idea why it’s called a “conclave”.  Maybe it’s just me but this make it sound so elitist and not open to the public. 🙂 BTW: It IS open to the public.

It will be held at the Ramada Inn at Celebration. Here is the link:

There was no address that was easily found,  so I’m doing my best to help you guys find the place.  This must be like one of those “top secret” if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you kind of thing. Because they sure are doing  a great job of  keeping it quiet. The only people I have heard talking about this is the people that are representing a company.

I know many avid fly fisherman that visit fly shops weekly. When I make a phone call to see if they are going most was surprise to find it was even going on.

Here is a link to the google map.

6375 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, FL (407) 390-5800

Here is the run down of all the seminars, fly tying lessons, vendors and speakers:

More information at the official website:

—– New TFO BVK fly rod

Regardless, I will make it there for at least Friday.  I want to see all the new goodies that are out there plus I really want to try the TFO BVK, this is new fly rod that just came out a few weeks ago and according to the rep is has sold out.  If the stats they are telling me right it’s easy to understand why.

It suppose to be lighter than my G.Loomis GLX and as light as the super light weight Orvis Helios (which sells for $800.00), Sage XI series like action with a retail price of $249.00 and 4 piece at that!

Hell at that price, if it’s 80% of what they say I’ll buy one just for a back up.

On  a Final Note:

ps. Brad Pitt, please come back and make A River Runs Through it 2.  🙂