New Products: Croakies Arc, Cudaz, Cheeky Fly reels


Last  night I drove over to Hooters to have a beer with the guys from Cheeky Fly fishing. From Massachusetts they are down here in Florida testing all their prototypes and networking.  They are  young, motivated and a has great love for the sport of fly fishing. I told them “Hopefully you’re not in it to get rich” 🙂

Check them out:

As you might know one of the more popular sunglasses holder these days has been the Cablz. I have been wearing one for a year now and they work great.

Well with any success story there are bound to be competition. When I was over at ICAST 2010 this past summer I saw a product from Croakies (yes the same company you see all over the place). They have a competing product called the ARC. This concept allows for the use of the band in different angle and different size glasses, where as the Cablz only fit and stay one way.

I have not seen this product on the shelf until I saw it over at Flint Creek last week and picked me up a pair to check out. Croakies Arc Cost is about $10-12.00

Another new Sunglass holder is the new Cudaz. It is made out of 100% silicone material. It’s very flexible and you can flip it to change the angle. They come in a variety of colors as well. Cost is about $7.00