South Andros Rained out Video, conch penis, panic button


The second day in the Bahamas for me was pretty nasty. With winds of 20-30 mph and rain clouds, using the fly rods we were lucky to get a couple of bone fish to the boat. None the less we made the best of what we got and did some hanging out with the locals. The Kaliks went down easy and we had a good time.

Here is a vlog style video shot mainly with $150 Kodak Playsport..

Actually if you click on the link it’s $118 at amazon w/ free shipping. Man I always buy my gadgets way too early. 🙁

More local videos. This was shot at the local Conch Bar. They had live conch in the water nearby and when someone orders a conch salad they go and harvest them. One of the local tradition when cleaning the large snail is to eat it’s reproductive organ “the conch penis”. Of course being the adventurous souls that we are we partake in the local tradition. First guy that did the deed was Joe Welborn of Carbon Marine (Loop Push Poles, and carbon parts for skiffs) then our buddy John W.

Another Vlog type Kodak Playsport video, shot on the flight back from S. Andros to the Nassau. I was on board with John and Tom of Wanganchor. The pilot had a sensor of humor as well. On the dash he had a sign that reads “if all else fails press the panic button” which I found very funny.