William Joseph fly fishing chest pack

For the people that already know about William Joseph fly fishing equipment you probably know all about this since “Willy Joe” is reknown for innovative thinking and quality products. However I am very new to actually fly fishing but have stolen ideas and a product or two (conceptually) to incorporate in my stalking the flats with spinning gear.

william joseph pack

My initial interest was in an infrared themometer they had (more on that later with a future review). Paul with “Willy Joe” told me right before he hung up that he was going to include a little something extra that they just got in. A few days later I got in the brown box. My surprise was the chest pack. For a couple of months I carried it around some of the trade shows we did and it was the main attention getter. People would walk up and ask “Where is that chest pack?” You see, one thing that sets it apart from other packs is that there are no zippers to be destroyed. The pack closes (quite securely thank you) using magnets which allows you to open and close it with a flip of the finger (no, not that “flip of the finger” but a kinder, gentler gesture).
I found the case to be waterproof and easy to access anything in it without it getting in the way of casting or fighting a fish. Easy to get on and off and is quite adjustable and comfortable. It is very light and comes as durable as you would expect anything from William Joseph.



I wanted to forward the company’s warranty simply because I believe it to be one of the best in the business, but you already know that, don’t you?

General Warranty: The William Joseph warranty is as straight forward as it gets. We don’t care if you bought it at a garage sale, whether or not you have a receipt, if you backed over it with your car, or your dog chewed it up. As long as it remains repairable we will fix it for free, no questions asked.

If our product does not far exceed your expectations at every level, we will give you your money back. Let’s face it, if you are annoyed it is for a reason and regardless of what that is, if we don’t make it right we lose.

We don’t do this so you will never have to buy another product, (that would be dumb) quite frankly it is just the opposite. When you have absolute confidence that whatever you buy from us will bring you more pleasure than the cash you handed over, you will buy more and more Willy J, and then we all win.
River Wear Warranty: Waders will be repaired or replaced at our discretion at no cost to you for the first year after purchase. After the first year, waders will be repaired at a reasonable price. If they cannot be repaired they will be replaced at the following rate( Drynamic: $80.00, V2: $50.00, WST: $100.00, RT Wader: $50.00). Additional shipping fees will be added.

THE FINE PRINT: Hey there had to be some! A registration card must be submitted for clothing and waders with a copy of the sales receipt within 30 days of purchase. Warranty is only valid to the original purchaser.