Cocoa Beach Livin’

Fished the Banana River a couple mornings ago with Eddie Oliveras. The usual shallow flats where I find massive redfish are now deeper and dirtier, combine the wind and it makes for a tough day of fishing. The fish were there but were hard to see. Eddie slayed the trout using D.O.A. Cals & Baitbusters while I got one red to smash a MirrOlure Top Dog. Winds were supposed to be out of the west this morning but it was mainly hard out of the north until we were done with the trip, then it finally turned light west which didn’t really disappoint because while on the water, my phone was ringing off the hook from all of my buddies saying that the waves in Cocoa Beach were the best that they’ve seen it in a while. East Coast surfers prey for light west winds while the surf is big because it gives us “offshore wind” conditions which glasses out the water and also makes for the waves to break hollower so surfers will be able to get covered up by the wave also known as getting “barreled” or “tubed” or “shacked”.

Eddie and I grabbed some lunch after a short drive from the boat ramp to Cocoa Beach where I live. We decided to grab a couple burgers and beers at one of my favorite B.B.Q. joints in town called Slow-N’-Low. While enjoying some ice cold beers from the tap waiting for our burgers to cook, my phone is still blowing up from everybody telling me how good the waves are, so I tell Eddie that we are scarfing these burgers down and slamming our beers as fast as possible and I’m going surfing. After lunch, I somehow convinced Eddie to come out and shoot a couple photos of me surfing so we make a 5 minute drive to my house, pull in my driveway with boat still attached, run inside change into my boardshorts, grab my board and run back out side while Eddie was barely moving from me making him eat so fast and slam 3 or 4 beers in 10 minutes(sorry buddy). We then run to the beach and all my friends were right….the surf was on fire!! It was about 5pm when I got in the water and the tide was high so I caught it a little late. I heard from everyone that the morning session was smokin’ but I managed to get a few good waves before the tide got too high and mushed it all out. I’m stoked to call Cocoa Beach my home because of how close everything is and how easy it is to do so many things in one day….next time I’ll fill my cooler up with Energy Drinks!

-Capt. Willy Le

Photo by Eddie with his new Canon T2i.

Here’s a shot by Eddie, not bad for the first time ever shooting surf shots! Thanks buddy!



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