Fort Pierce Jetty Images

Sept. 24th 2010

The last couple days I was over on the East Coast trying once again to catch this mullet run. Well part of it was hanging out with Patrick Sebile and his crew of Sebile Lures. With the winds blowing 20mph from the east most the time fishing was very lack luster. We did catching fish but we didn’t get a chance to fish the beach where most of the mullets are moving through.

Usually when this action happens the tarpon, snook, sharks and all kinds of predators are following them. You know the old saying, “find the bait you’ll find the predators”. Actually I just made that one up but it sure makes sense doesn’t it?

We went out and fish the Ft. Pierce jetty a couple of times while I was there.  I took some shots of Patrick and Russell getting totally soaking wet from the pounding waves. Those guys are pretty hardcore. Patrick did hook a couple Tarpon on his big Stick Shad but they came off. I saw one guy get a nice 40lb tarpon there so the fish are there, the fishing conditions were just no good.

Photo notes: I manage some really cool slow shutter speed stuff. I did this to give the photo a feeling of motion rather than freezing the photos with a high shutter speed.

I got a question asked about slow shutter speed, so here’s a quick answer.

Curtis here’s how I set it up:

  1. Set the camera to the lowest ISO possible
  2. I shot a few in shutter priority 60 to 15s.
  3. Review the photos and check the settings I like best.
  4. Then I go into Manual Mode and adjust accordingly.

Now all I have to do is wait for the waves/motion to hit and click away. With the setting sun and overcast skies, I didn’t have any issues with over exposure so no filter was needed. -Sam