Tequila Kayak, take apart Kayak, solo or tandem


I saw this new concept for a kayak pop up a few months ago and thought it was a great idea. Since it was being made in Sweden I never really paid much attention to it. Products like this usually it never makes it over here to the US of it does it was very limited.

It was injection molded plastic kayak that breaks part into pieces for easy transport. This way you can put into a boat or truck with out having to mounting for it.

My idea was to run it some where in a boat. I then would put this together and fish the No Motor zone or fish places boats can’t get into. Places like small mangrove tunnels that opens up into a lake(filled with fish I hope). Or places that is block by a shallow sandbar but on the other side is fishable waters.

When I was a the boat show a couple weeks ago I ran into a company displaying it. Come to find out they now have a dealer near Tampa. I will have to check it out one day.