Mirage in “the Glades”

My buddy Paul and I set out a couple of weekends ago to put the new 18 HPX out in it’s paces covering quite a bit of water in the SW portion of the Everglades from Shark Rivers to Snake Bight and a bit further East.  We met up with my Dennis and Jason in their 17 HPX-V and set out on a 2 boat adventure into the unknown.  We encountered windy creeks, big storm brewed chop, drastic changes in weather, and lots of redfish in muddy water and clean water.  While fishing on each side of Flamingo, we saw tons of bait.. mainly finger mullet.  But the redfish didn’t show much interest in the mullet… rather they followed the mullet around and pounced on every little shrimp or crab that the schools of mullet would spook up.  It was pretty neat to watch aggressive redfish in the dirty water pounce our DOA Shrimp , then travel 50 miles back to the shallow clear flats of Snake Bight to watch schools of big redfish blow up on the same DOA Shrimp.  By far the coolest sight though was sneaking right up on top of a tailing redfish rooting in the grass for a crab and seeing it dig out the crab and munch on it right under my feet (crab legs were still sticking out of the fish’s mouth and mud flaring out of gills).  The ‘Glades always offers a spectacular show for it’s visitors.  This is a very special place.

Stay tuned for more ahead…