Saltyshores 2011 Calendar Shoot Photos


The last couple weeks, whenever I have time I have been working on the Saltyshores 2011 Calendar project. We decided to go with the pin up concept. Basically girls with fish or doing fishy things. Here are some shots from the shoot.

This is essentially the “Making off” the calendar shoot not the actual photos that will be inside the calendar. The goal for the calendar is to get girls that actually fish not just a model. So far it has been going really well.

We are also shooting videos,¬† and doing a “Making off” video of the calendar complete with interviews¬† and such. It should be fun and whimsical.

The Calendar should be ready but the end of October. At least that is what we are shooting for. It will retail for $10.00. It will be available here on and your local tackle shops.

I’m please to say getting sponsorship has been going much better than expected. We sold 9 confirmed spots and only have 3 to go.

For more photos and videos, the official Calendar Website is up and running at