Mullet run photos, North Palm beach


The mullet run in Florida is the migration of Mullet on the east coast of the US. This is where millions and millions of mullet of all sizes move south before it gets too cold up north. With this much bait you can imagine there will also be mess of predators that feed on them. This usually results in Tarpon, snook, sharks amongst other things that gives an awesome aerial display as they blast the bait.

I have been trying to get photos of the mullet run the the past two years. The problem is I live on the west coast of Florida and it happens on the east coast of Florida. I must admit I have missed out both years.

This year I’m here early to try to catch it finally. The problem this time is that I’m here too early.. go figure. There are plenty of mullet but not many predators feeding on them just yet. They tell me another week it should be going off. I will wait patiently as usual. Here are some photo of mullet I got with out the predators surrounding them.