2011 Hook1 Calendar Cover, Big Bend Drum, New X-13 Kayak From Malibu

Well its been a while since I posted anything here, life’s routine has kept me busy.  I was notified today that I got the cover for the 2011 Hook1 calendar.

My son Andrew during a Fathers Day trip.

I had another photo that made the calendar as well. My good friend Dave Robinson fighting a big Black Drum during our trip to the Big Bend.

We recently went back up there in search of tarpon, they were there just not in the numbers we were hoping for. The Black Drum were still there, right where we left them.

These are some random shots from our recent trip back to the Big Bend.

Being sponsored by Malibu Kayaks, I receieved a new X-13 for this year. It’ll make a great addition to the fleet. Here is a review I did for YakAngler.com

These are some random shots from trips gone by in the last few weeks. Enjoy.

I was in need of a new paddle leash not long ago, and fellow Malibu Kayaks Pro Staff member Donald Drabek makes some great leash’s. Check out the review on YakAngler.com

Until next time……………………