New Mirrodine Mini, or the 14MR


Back a few years  ago when I was fishing heavily instead of taking photos and videos most of the time one of my favorite hard plastic lure was the MirroDine by L&S lure. This was a hard plastic plug lure that suspended. It was definitely one of my confidence lure.  the lure cast a mile, and most importantly catches a bunch of fish. I used it from Tampa bay all the way to the everglades. We caught tons of trout, snook, redfish and tarpon on them.

You can work it in the open flats of near mangroves.  As long as there isn’t much floating weeds the lure had excellent action. I would cast it out, let it sink for a second or two. I then do a twitch twitch pause retrieve. The fish seem to attack it violently during the pauses.

Besides being a local Tampa area company, one of the cool thing that is nice about these lures is that the design is on the inside of the plastic. This makes them look better longer and are much more durable than most hard plastics out there. Besides changing out the hook every so often the lure last quite a long time.

This year, when I was over at ICAST in Vegas in July I saw they had came out with a “mini” version.  This was nice because during the times of year when the bait gets smaller this will match the hatch much better.  My theory here also is that smaller bait catches more fish as well. Smaller bait are susceptible to more predators.

I got my hands on a couple last week but haven’t had a chance to use them just yet. My favorite colors back then was the silver w/ the black back. and slight orange under the eye. It looks like they still have it here from the photos I took today.

Photo notes: Nasty skies today. With the lack of sun, in order to get enough light for sharp photo I shot this with f2.8 aperture priority.  I arranged it the lures the way I like it and used a quarter to give it perspective. I also try to use  a plain background to isolate the subject. A slight contrast adjustment and there you have it. In hind sight I should have use a tripod and shot at f22 so the labeling  would show better.

MirroDine Mini or 18MR