Matlacha Florida fishing with Brad Lowman, Rich Osgood, Scott, Rusty Chinnis and Capt. Joe Harley


The last couple days was spent in a small town called Matlacha Florida. When I say small, it is one of those town if you’re not paying attention you missed it. Located between pine island and Cape Coral Florida, it’s one of those small towns that follows the old saying “Good things comes in small packages”. If you like small towns with an old Florida feel, Matlacha is a town you shouldn’t miss.

The fishing was difficult the first day. The tarpon we were throwing flies at were very shy and weary that morning. We hooked a couple but nothing was brought to the boat. We called it at about noon and ate a nice crab cake burger lunch. A nice visit is also a local ice creamery  called Great Licks, very nice friendly service with home made flavors using local ingredients.  BTW: the Black Raspberry with  Chocolate chunks is to die for. Since Brad and I had to be up by 3:30am to make the drive over I’m not ashamed to admit a siesta was needed.

Matlacha is also filled with small motels/cottages right on the water. Brad and I stayed at the Angler’s Inn at the heart of the town. In reality, any place you stay is within a mile of the “heart” of Matlacha. The place is not a Marriott by any means, but it is quiet, comfortable and right on the water. If you have a boat you can pull right up to about 20 feet from your room’s back door.

I’m compiling footage for a video project I’m doing so I don’t to spoil it for you guys by spilling the beans today.

However here are some photos from the last couple days. As you can see there isn’t a lot of fishing photos as Rusty Chinnis was on the Stills and I was shooting video 99% of the time.