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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Kayak Images, HDR


Last week I wanted to take some photos of Kayak fishing. Besides really not catching any fish, everything went great!

Well I’m sure catching a first or two was part of the equation but it was not to be that day.

Here are a few of the set up shots.

Just a cool Castnet photos I thought I would include in here. Processed via HDR style.

If you want to know more about HDR photography go to  this website. Stuckincustoms.

J. Vincent New line at Redzone Apparel, Photoshoot


One of the sponsor of the Saltyshores 2011 Calendar is Redzone Apparel. Yesterday me and my friend Jason Stock did a shoot of the  new line they just came out with, the J. Vincent Collection.

J. Vincent does some really cool abstract fish art work and he did a series of art exclusive for Redzone. Shown here is the Ladies micro fiber performance shirts.

Currently they  have Redfish, Snook, Mahi and Tarpon.

High ISO images, Dock light fishing, Lightroom 3


One of nice feature of having a full frame sensor is that they can take photos in lower light.  Here are some examples shot at 2000-3200 iso.

To help with noise reduction due to high iso I’ve been using the new Adobe Lightroom 3.0. There’s a free trial version you can download. to play around with it.

Southshore Outdoor Expo Oct 23-24 2010, Events


Just a small announcement if you’re local to the southshore. They are having a “South Shore Outdoor Expo” here locally. If I’m around I will definitely find time to attend the event. I didn’t even know this event existed honestly. I was doing searches all over the enter and found this one PDF file.

Held on Oct 23-24 2010

More information Click here

South Shore Outdoor Expo Oct 23-24 2010

Tarpon during the Saltyshores Calendar Shoot


While shooting for the 2011 Saltyshores Calendar yesterday we hooked into a nice little tarpon about 50-60lbs or so.
I manage to get off some shots but I was definitely not ready. As you see the images are out of focused and blurry.

Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don’t.

Fort Pierce Jetty Images

Sept. 24th 2010

The last couple days I was over on the East Coast trying once again to catch this mullet run. Well part of it was hanging out with Patrick Sebile and his crew of Sebile Lures. With the winds blowing 20mph from the east most the time fishing was very lack luster. We did catching fish but we didn’t get a chance to fish the beach where most of the mullets are moving through.

Usually when this action happens the tarpon, snook, sharks and all kinds of predators are following them. You know the old saying, “find the bait you’ll find the predators”. Actually I just made that one up but it sure makes sense doesn’t it?

We went out and fish the Ft. Pierce jetty a couple of times while I was there.  I took some shots of Patrick and Russell getting totally soaking wet from the pounding waves. Those guys are pretty hardcore. Patrick did hook a couple Tarpon on his big Stick Shad but they came off. I saw one guy get a nice 40lb tarpon there so the fish are there, the fishing conditions were just no good.

Photo notes: I manage some really cool slow shutter speed stuff. I did this to give the photo a feeling of motion rather than freezing the photos with a high shutter speed.

I got a question asked about slow shutter speed, so here’s a quick answer.

Curtis here’s how I set it up:

  1. Set the camera to the lowest ISO possible
  2. I shot a few in shutter priority 60 to 15s.
  3. Review the photos and check the settings I like best.
  4. Then I go into Manual Mode and adjust accordingly.

Now all I have to do is wait for the waves/motion to hit and click away. With the setting sun and overcast skies, I didn’t have any issues with over exposure so no filter was needed. -Sam

Tampa Fishing Events this weekend how to get free Saltyshores Stickers


The last few days I have been in the East Coast fishing with Patrick Sebile of Sebile lures. With the winds blowing 15-20 mph from the east everyday the fishing was lack luster but I did get some cool shots of the surf fishing. I also go him to do some cool tips as well as filming him doing some cooking. The man has ridiculous amounts of tackle at his condo.

This weekend I will make it to 2 fishing events. First is this Sat over Flint Creek Outfitters about 20 minutes from my house. They tell me they are blowing out fishing Kayaks and is having an open house/kayak demo day there.

I will make it for the first 1/2 of the day.  I want to check out the Native line of Kayaks there. I’ve heard good things about them but has never paddle one. My friend Jason Stock of Jmsnooky Kayak Charters will be there as well doing the Wilderness System kayaks.

If you see me there and want a Saltyshores sticker just ask and I’ll hook you up. If you don’t catch me there I will leave some stickers there for them to give away.

13425 Fishhawk Blvd.
Riverview, FL 33569
Phone: 813.681.1888

“Saturday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m.
Kayak blems and demos @ dealer cost
Accessories and kayak related clothing @ lowest price of the year, with 50% off many items.
Kayak and paddleboard demos by some of the areas top pros, like Steve Gibson and Jon Bull.
Fly fishing seminars with Capt. John Hand and Joe Mahler.
Fly tying contest
Free food and drinks”

This weekend is also the Tampa Florida Sportsman Show. I will have some free Saltyshores Stickers at the Booth. So just go by there and Tom will hook you up with some free Saltyshores Stickers.

I will try to make this So Satursday afternoon or first part of Sunday.

It is held at the Fair Grounds:

Call Denise Oyler (941) 378-0411When: Sept. 25-26, 2010
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat., 10. a.m. to 4 p.m. Sun.
Where: Florida State Fairgrounds, Expo Hall
I-4 and Hwy. 301, Tampa
Admission: $8 adults, children 12 and under with parent free. Look for a $3 off discount coupons in the Magazine or $2-off online below.

“Redfish Extravaganza, Boca Grande, More Redfish, Late Season Poons With Capt. Colby Hane”

As our tarpon season has come to an end the search for tailing redfish has begun. The Redfish season is only in its juvenile state, but it feels like we have caught a seasons worth! To see tails here and there are very common in our area but not this fall…sure….we have seen a few here and there but it has been large schools everywhere. When the fish get like this, its like they are on crack, they eat anything that is offered in front of or on top of them a time where flock shooting is encouraged! It started late August where good friends Eric, Ben and I made our way to the same flat, same tide, and same time of day.. only 7 years later. Like clock work the pods and schools were nose down all over the flat eating anything that came into them. For seven years straight now we have been there and seen the same chaos every time!! We even get into a few big snook prowling the flat and the occasional small poon to show up and play. I fished fly and did equally as well as the boyz with spin tackle!!!! :)




Next came a short Labor Day trip to Boca Grande with good friends Joe and Ashley Nicolette just for some R & R with my wife!! They have a condo right on the beach so it was very relaxing. Good times hanging out and casting flies from the beach at big jacks……until I hooked a monster and managed to loose my wedding ring stripping as it turned and ran at me!!!!!! Yes I lost the ring..and NO did not land the fish….. Wife…NOT happy!! Jacks are **** fish but a lot of fun on the fly if there is nothing else around! It was cool to see all the turtle nests and to find out if you live on the beach it is mandatory to turn off the lights inside after a certain time not to confuse the turtles.


Where we called home for the long weekend!




Back on the water with Rich and Nick chasing the schooling spot tails to find them once again everywhere!! from pods of 20-30 to schools of 500+, it has been fly fishing for redfish heaven! We lost count of how many big reds we boated and even had multiple triple hookups on fly… I said….juvenile season but catching a seasons worth already! Last Friday Capt. Colby Hane of Sarasota joined Rich and I to look for the Late, Late season backcountry poons. The tide never got right and we had a few issues with the skiff so we yanked it and headed to look for snook which was another bust for the most part. We only saw maybe a half dozen poons roll out of casting distance and the wind was howling at the snook spot making it basically impossible to sight fish effectively!! Next time Colbs!!! To make things worse for Colby, Sunday I was out with good friend Ben and during the sunrise part of the morning we were on about a 1000 poons rolling and busting bait schools all over us. I really thought we were going to hook up on fly but the show ended within 30 min….. That really got me going for next years season! Redfish have been on fire so I think this will shape up to be a season to remember.