Bohemian 17, first float!

We put a full Plywood deck in w/ Gunnels and supports before she was pulled from the mold. We brought along 500lbs of wet sand bags to put on the hull to simulate the added weight. 150lbs on the bow for Tank and Gas, 100lbs in the cockpit for liner and console weight, and 250lbs at the stern for motor. Put two full grown men (200lbs) on the boat. Robert took a pencil and marked the water line. Back at the shop we got the draft numbers. 7 1/8″! I got a chance to run around the gunnels and was surprised at how stable it is. It is truly something you will have to see to believe!

Here are some pics!

From the mold

Floating w/ 500lbs of sand

Robert marking the first water line

Floating w/ two people

-Richard Traugott