Headaches today, but got to go shopping, exofficio underwear, Flintcreek outfitters


Today started out pretty crappy. I had to deal with an ongoing roof leak in the garage. This thing was quite annoying as we couldn’t find where it was coming from. It’s been going on for a couple months now and we’ve tried all kinds of patches to no avail. It only happen when it was heavy rain as well so small drizzle it didn’t come in the garage.

It was raining most of the day today hard so it made it easy to see the leak but still not where it was coming from. By noon though we found out the gutter was overflowing on the 2nd floor and dumping water into the wall. So we moved the gutter and it seems to fix the problem. Now I have to wait til the next heavy rain to make sure 100%.

I come into the house to take a breather and get caught up only to find my water softener had blown up and spewing all kinds of crap into my water system. !@$#@!$#!@$!@$. Time to call the plumber in. Luckily he was around the corner and it only cost me $100 to get it all straitening out.

By now it’s 3pm and the entire day was basically wasted doing house stuff.

Thinking about more pleasurable things in life like my upcoming Colorado trip, I decided to make the drive over to Flint Creek outfitters. Normally when I need outdoor gear I make the drive to St. Pete to Bill Jacksons which is normally an hour away and during this time of day more like 1.5 hours. Flint Creek from Apollobeach took me about 20-25minutes or so. I’m glad there is some place close by for outdoor gear.

I picked up some Exofficio pants, and the best underwear ever the Exofficio Give-n-Go. I’m tough on my gear so I’m always tearing up clothes out there. I jump in the saltwater taking photos and wear them in the sun pretty much all day so I’m constantly going through gear. When you to get your cotton underwear wet it pretty much stays wet most of the day. The microfiber underwear dries fast and lasts.

The microfiber underwear dries fast and last.

I also picked up a couple of those roll up dry bags. This will keep wallets, keys, cell phones nice, safe and dry. I got them in bright yellow so I won’t loose them again!