Vail Colorado Trout fishing using my Mystic Rod and Nautilus NV 5 weight combo


As the week gets rolling my next cool trip I’m looking forward to doing is a trout fishing trip to Vail Colorado. I am there to visit  my buddy Lane to do some fishing and of course photo opportunities.  I  have never been to Colorado and would love to check things out. I really don’t have much time as I’m only there for the weekend however.

Since I’m not a big freshwater fly fisherman I really don’t have any good gear to bring up there.  All the fly gear I have are 8 weight to 12 weight which is way over kill for use on trout.  A few days ago I put a post on Facebook and immediately got lots of suggestions, offers of places to stay and gear to borrow. At this point I guess all my faith in humanity has not been lost.   After the theft of my gear, it definitely ran across my mind a few times.

My friend is loaning me his 5 weight Nautilus NV.  The company Mystic Outdoors asked me if I wanted to test out their rod while I was up there and sent me a demo to use.. way cool!

Mystic trout rod
Mystic Trout Rod

Side Note: Before I forget I want to thank everyone that has sent me emails and messages about my gear lost and offers of help. I really appreciate the kind thoughts and offers of help. Right now I have not heard anything. I have a small hope but I am definitely not holding my breath.