70 miles Offshore with Jay, Underwater Wild Dolphin pics

August 21st 2010

Did a little offshore fishing yesterday with my friend Jay. We ran his 25′ Bluewater boat about 70 miles offshore as this time of year since the water has been warm the fish usually move out to cooler waters along with the bait. The bite was there but pretty slow overall. We tried several spots and but overall the grouper bite was lack luster.

We did get mangroves to 5lbs, a couple gags to 8lbs, a couple good size red grouper,(lots of small ones). At Aj bite was pretty good though we caught a few reaching in the 40lb area.

The red snapper were ravenous at one location out there in about 110′ of water. They were eating everything we threw down there. I caught a few the butter fly jigs then jump in the water to take some photos.

Some dolphins were hanging around the area and came over to check things out. I manage some cool close encounters with some wild dolphins. It was both scary and cool. I didn’t know how they would react with me being in the water. The checked me out for a little bit and did a quick swim by to check me out then pretty much minded their own business.

Ameraican Red Snappers were Everywhere!
Flying fish, these guys were tough to capture on stills, this is heavily cropped
Flipper checking me out