Annual Le Keys trip

Once a year my family and friends get to together usually at the beginning of August for the opening of Florida Spiney Lobster season. It all started when I was probably 10 years old, my parents and siblings would cram into a van and make the drive down to Marathon from Orlando, FL. with camping gear, cookware, snorkel and fishing gear strapped to the top. Every day we were either fishing from a bridge or in the water catching lobster to bring back to the camp so my mom could cook us breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We basically lived off the land and sea for a week while rinsing off at the local gas stations water hose with a bar of soap for our shower. Years pass as we grew older, my brothers and sister started having families of their own and getting too busy with work that they couldn’t make the annual trip anymore and my mom couldn’t make it due to her health, but me and 1 of my older brothers kept at it and still went every year bringing a few friends here and there. Nowadays instead of years of camping, we rent a house in Marathon off sister’s creek by Sombrero Beach. I bring my skiff, my bro brings his 22′ TE Pathfinder and our friends bring all the booze! We now have a normal group of 10-12 people that go every year, and every year still brings loads of fun and laughter! This year we finally get to drag my mom out for a weekend along with her husband, my uncle and his wife, she hasn’t been back to the keys in over 10 years, and instead of sleeping on the ground getting chewed by bugs, we had her in the master suite of a 3 bedroom 2 bath house on the water. She still preferred to stay in the kitchen and cook for me and all of my friends, but having her back with us in the keys was a huge treat!!



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