A Family Affair

The Trip that won’t be forgotten

All photos by Nick Angerosa and Rainey Oelkers

I had been hanging around with Nick at the Marina a little bit recently, drinking some cold ones. Other than having some brews in a great setting, helping him look over his 1989 restored Aquasport was the reason we were there. Beer was not enough to keep us at the marina, especially while getting eaten up by the bugs. Checking to make sure everything was in top shape for the upcoming new moon tarpon fishing was the agenda.

There was a small water leak going into the hull that had Nick perplexed, so the both of us took a look after a trip one night, then checked it out on the rack another night, and took the boat on the water to finally pinpoint the very small leak that has a perfectionist like Nick consumed. There were a few small leaks coming from the huge livewell and it’s plumbing, and a very small leak from a pin sized hole in the bilge area. All was well after the fixes were made by Nick.

All the rods and reels were prepped and rigged, sabiki’s ready, cast nets untangled, dip nets on the boat, camera charged, the boat was washed down and cleaned, sea trial, you name it, Nick did it. Why all the fuss to have every single aspect of a fishing trip perfect?

A short time ago, Nick’s father came down from New York for a quick trip to visit, and of course, get on some Tampa Bay tarpon. I’m going to go out on a whim here and am thinking he looks at situations like this like me; Pressure is involved, and any mistakes can lead to failure. Stress to put anyone on fish, especially tarpon, can be nerve racking.

While at the marina, I heard tales of fishing trips past. Stories of Nick, his father and friends hammering the fish up North. I’m sure he didn’t want to disappoint while his father was down for only a weekend, and that was the case.

So his family got to town, and with rain looming, the situation looked grim. Sixty to seventy percent chances of rain all weekend and rough conditions on the water; not ideal by any means. Regardless, Nick, his dad, and his girlfriend Rainey were out on the water, and luck was on their side.

Nick's dad fighting his first poon.
A little bit of coaching taking place...this would make a great wall picture.
Finally she lays down...
The silver king poses for a classic picture.

The rain on Saturday did not hit the targeted area and the pressure was off after the crew went two for three on the silver kings with pictures to boot! I wasn’t there but I’m sure Nick’s dad was ecstatic to reel in his first tarpon, as well as Nick, and of course Rainey got another one to the boat, having not lost one all year. Quality time with family is what it’s all about.

Putting the heat on another...
Nick doing the dirty work.
This is an awesome pic, the payoff from hard work.

The rest of the weekend was a washout as the rain took over. Lady luck or karma must have been on their side that day; good karma will do that for one sometimes. Congratulations to Nick and crew!

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