Getting things back on track, some new edits.


Yesterday and today I am working on getting my life back in order after looking all my stuff down in Miami last week. I guess the person that took my pelican case did not feel sorry for me to at least give me back my wallet , cell phone and keys. The money¬† in the wallet and camera gear, just take it… just send me back my personal stuff. Hoping for the best expecting the worst.

Anyone see a new craigslist listing in the Miami area for Nikon D300s, 70-200mm, 10.5mm, 17-55mm lens let me know.

I got my cell phone and replacement credit cards yesterday. I am still working on my driver’s license and notifying all kinds of agencies etc. Man this really really sucks.

All is not lost however, I still have cameras and lens I can shoot with. I hope to be back on the water once I get all this straighten out.

While waiting for my cell phone yesterday I had a chance to edit some new photos from previous shoot.