Finally, someting postive happend this week. Florida Keys Ad.


Well today was another day of spent running around trying to get my life back on track. That track btw hasn’t been easy to stay on lately. I’m about 80-90% done but I have to admit it has been a major pain in the a$$. Especially when the weather has been pretty darn good lately as well.

Today I did get confirmation that I got the a sword fishing photo for the Florida Keys ad campaign. Working with Mark Slatko using my day time sword fish photo. This was a photo of a jumping sword fish caught in about 2000 feet of water off the coast of Islamorda Key on the board one of the boats at Bud and Mary’s Marina.

I guess this is a little bit on the positive side compare to all the bad juju I have been running into lately. Dealing with government agencies for the past twos can turn your attitude really, really negative.