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The unveiling… G Loomis NRX Fly Rod Gear Review initial thoughts

We all heard the “hype”… we all anticipated what was going to be next in the evolution of the skeleton fish… 8/13/10, Friday the 13th… NRX has finally arrived!!

The G Loomis NRX rods were officially launched tonight to the public.  I was at the south FL leg of the NRX launch at the Flyshop of Miami.  While at the launch, I was able to throw the whole gamut of the new G Loomis NRX Fly Rods from 7wt to 12wt.  If you want the technical aspects of the NRX, you can find them on the G Loomis website, but if you are seeking the nitty gritty of how the rod performed in the hands of the fly caster then you might enjoy the following read. 

9wt G Looomis NRX rod with Nautilus G8 reel... perfectly balanced

Here are my initial thoughts on my favorite 3 NRX models…

7wt NRX… This is the true gem in the entire NRX Flyrod series.  This rod is fast but still carries a light enough tip to make those short ninja casts when a fish pops up within pushpole stabbing range.  Unlike most other 7wt rods, the NRX had the reserve to handle the wind when needed.  Most importantly, of every fly rod I have ever cast in my life, the 7wt NRX had the absolute best line feel I had ever experienced.  You are never lost as this rod keeps you aware of where your line is at all times so you can make the proper adjustments for your shot and not have to take your eyes off the fish.  This was also a very forgiving rod, such that casts that would have fallen apart because of an error in your casting stroke were corrected with ease.  Weightwise; the 7wt NRX is extremely light weight.  For Sage fans, I would say the NRX weights in between the TCX and Xi3.  This 7wt NRX is a must have in every summer time redfish or bonefisherman’s arsenal.  I have thrown just about every flagship model 7wt from all the top flyrod manufacturers and the NRX has found it’s place at the top of that world. 

9wt NRX

9wt NRX… If I ever had to choose one rod to redfish or bonefish with for the rest of my life, it would be the 9wt NRX.  I need not have to explain the versatility of a 9wt but to be specific about the NRX 9wt, it is currently my favorite 9wt Flyrod on the market today.  This is the most forgiving rod in the entire NRX series as errors are corrected easy and those who decide to muscle their casts will find that this rod will still punch out the line and lay it out nicely.  Unless you absolutely suck, you just can’t shock this rod.  It feels as if the rod wants to cast for you.  Line feel is incredible as all the technologies were put together into this rod to transfer what is going on outside the tip guide straight through the blank, through the best quality cork, and right into your hand.   This 9wt rod has plenty of reserve and should punch out a wind resistant permit fly with ease if need be.  The particular one I cast today had a 9wt Airflo Ridge bonefish/redfish taper line on it, which felt perfectly matched.  I am going to throw a Monic clear line on there next and report back.  Weight-wise, this rod is in the same weight class as the Sage Xi3, perhaps a tad bit lighter. 

11wt NRX

11wt NRX… This is “the” travel big game rod.  What else can I say except that the 11wt NRX is a cannon with the weight of a small pistol.  This rod is crazy light weight and as with the other NRX models, very forgiving and powerful.  GTs and Tarpon around the world better say their prayers…

Stay tuned for more details and some “on the water” feedback…