Sailflow, free wind predictor website

August 11th 2010

One of my favorite website to check when I plan my fishing trip is This website gives you the wind speed, wind direction and color code them according to the intensity of the winds. This allows me a quick overview of when and where I should be fishing. The free website predicts up to 7 days but like most weather website the accuracy goes down the further it predicts.

There is an upgrade version to get more detailed weather information but honestly I haven’t tried it. I’m sure if you’re a wind surfer or have a sailboat you might find it useful however.  As mainly a fisherman the free information it’s pretty much all I need.

Here are a few screen shots of the next couple days. As you can see by Friday the winds are predicted to lay down. It might give me a chance to head offshore somewhere.

I’m just showing you the Florida area but they cover most coastal areas including the great lakes. If you’re interested they even have an Iphone App.