Cayo Hueso and the Marquesas in the 18 HPX-V

My buddy Dave Teper ( had rented a house in the lower Keys for the month of July so Jeremy and I decided to take his 18 HPX-V down to Key West this last weekend for a couple of days of fishing.  Fishing was good, food was great, and the good times had were second to none.  Thanks, Dave for the invitation. 

Jeremy, David McCleaf, and I decided to make a game plan covering all the different types of fishing that Key West had to offer.  The crystal clear waters were teaming with life and the many types of fishing that could be had in one day were too good to pass up.  There was bait everywhere, lots of clear water, and the remnants of lobster hunters stayed well away from where we planned on fishing (except for that one tool bag in a big catamaran who decided it was a good idea to get in front of us and motor up to every tarpon that swam towards us).  The versatility of the Maverick 18 HPX-V allowed us to cover everything from the shallowest inshore flats where permit and bonefish tailed to the wrecks and reefs in the deeper waters.  Making the crossing through Northwest Channel, Lakes Passage, and Boca Grande Channel to the Marquesas had never been this comfortable.   We kicked off the first hour of fishing with our first small permit and proceded to mix things up from there.  From the wrecks to the flats, we caught Permit, Bonefish, Cobia, Snappers, and even hooked a Tarpon on fly.  Some of the food I had this last weekend was absolutely epic; Lobster dinner on the first night, the best cuban food at El Siboney the second night, and then grilled up the cobia we caught on the final night there.  This was definitely a weekend to remember…

now thats swimmin with SWAGGER

bait balls
cannon ball into bait ball..