Middle Grounds Bite very slow

August 1st 2010

I was offshore this past Saturdays in a 34′ Yellowfin with some friends. The plan was to load up on some groupers and snappers then try to get some tunas. It started off good enough as the weather was actually not too bad that morning with only 2′ seas for the most part. We made the long run to the middle grounds in the gulf of mexico. This was a 90 mile run west of Clearwater Florida and no there were no trace of oil what so ever.

Unfortunately for us the fishing was pretty slow. The bite was very sporadic through out the day but the for the most part it was very very slow for this area. It is usually one after another.  Today was one of those days we struggled. We caught fish but it just wasn’t it should be normally. I don’t think it had anything to do with oil it was just plain slow fishing. The buddy boat that was with us was a 38′ Sea Vee and these guys are hardcore veterans and they too had a slow day. There were plenty on the bottom machine but they just were not chewing today.

We called it around 4pm and headed back to the dock. It took us about 3 hours to make the run which was wasn’t too bad in the bean bag chairs. All I have to say is…. sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you..

Besides slot size grouper we caught a bunch of  snappers. I kept waiting for the big trophy fish to take photos of but  it never came… sorry no hero shot photos..

Slime on the lens, I gotta remember to clean these things…