A young Anglers Birthday wish come true.

August 28, 2010

Today I had the opportunity to guide some talented young anglers from Cocoa Beach High Schools Anglers Club Koby, Telly and Chris. Koby’s birthday was on August 27th so his dad had booked a trip […]

Bohemian 17, first float!

August 28, 2010

We put a full Plywood deck in w/ Gunnels and supports before she was pulled from the mold. We brought along 500lbs of wet sand bags to put on the hull to simulate the added […]

“World Angling”

August 26, 2010

Another great short little video from the World Angling group. A little demonstration of the new HB Biscayne and Neptune! Thought you might enjoy if you have not seen it yet. Related posts: World Angling, […]

Mirage Refined…

August 25, 2010

08/25/10 Chapter IV… Refined… We approach the final stages of the construction process of my new Maverick Mirage.  The hull and cap were popped from the molds, the cap was then fused to the hull, […]

Kingfish Photos, Revisited

August 25, 2010

8.25.2010 I had a request for some Kingfish photos today. While looking for some I ran across some good ones that I never editted. I took the opportunity to re edit a couple them tonight. […]

Bits and Pieces

August 25, 2010

A friend has loaned me a Nikon 105mm macro lens so I have been playing around with it for several days. You can see other examples at my blog, InshoreNearshore.blogspot.com or InshoreNearshore.com and navigate to […]

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