Castnet Concept shots with Lauren and Josh

July 23rd 2010

Laura and Josh joined me yesterday for some afternoon Tarpon fishing. We were on the water at 4 and did not get off the water until it was dark at 9pm. It was not from the lack of trying but all we caught were a bunch of junk fish. I guess every time this happens I get to hear someone say “that is why they call it fishing not catching”.

All was not lost however. The weather was excellent so we were not getting beat up out there. Of course when fishing was slow all kinds of stupid conversation comes up. Regretfully I left the playsport at home however,  so did not get any on video. It would have been a nice addition to the SS boat confession series.

As the sun starting to set we ran across a bunch of bait. Josh gave it a try but failed miserably. Lauren being the fisher girl that she is wanted to throw the cast net. I thought the lighting was was awesome for some concept shots. It turned out pretty nice as the lighting couldn’t be much better.