Mosquito Lagoon Fish Eye

I had the pleasure to fish with friends Eddie Oliveras and Andrew Mizell today on the Mosquito Lagoon this morning. The plan was to work a shoreline where we found schools of happy reds a few days before but today seemed very slow in that area for some reason so we decided to move to a spot where big tailing redfish will cause you to do weird things like pull your hair out or walk off the deck of your skiff or something. These fish have been pressured daily with charter boats and recreational anglers throwing live/cut baits at them with good results. We knew that we had no chance with flies or artificials on spin, but we also could not resist throwing at them while they were finning around with no other boats in sight. Hours pass, we are frustrated and we have already thrown everything in our boxes so we decide to leave them in search of some smaller fish that are willing to cooperate. We end up finding schools of lower slot fish that are in less than a foot of water with a sand bottom. We had to hop out and wade in some areas where the water was too skinny for my HPX-T…it was kinda like how they bonefish in the Bahamas. Andrew ends up popping a couple fish that did make runs resembling a bonefish while I was messing around with Eddies Canon Rebel with a 8mm Sigma Fish Eye lens. The fish eye lens is a very fun lens to shoot with, I’m definitely looking into getting one for my Nikon in the future.



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