One minute of Bait fish video, Minnkota Talon video up for revenue sharing on youtube?

July 21 2010

With ICAST 2010 in Last Vegas then the DOA writer’s even in Stuart, Fl, I’ve been away for almost a week now. So today was another “catch up” day. Yep it never seems to end.

So while cleaning up the hard drive this evening deleting useless stuff I came across some video footage I shot while I was very bored apparently. But the video came out pretty nice. I just put it to some music and uploaded the HD video. It’s just a bunch of baiting swimming around for a minute but it’s actually kinda cool looking.

Speaking of video. If you got a chance to look at my video on the Minnkota Talon I put up 4 days ago its very plain and boring. I just shot it with my Kodak Playsport while I was over at ICAST last week. Well for whatever reason, Youtube sent me an email saying that it’s eligible for revenue sharing.

I guess they will put ads up around the video and I get to share the revenue. I’m assuming that’s how it works. So far the video has been viewed about 1200 times so I’m not retiring anytime soon from it. I’ll keep you up to date though.