D.O.A. writer’s event day2, Blair Wiggins, Captain Greg Snyder

July 20th 2010

Just like the day before we woke up at 5am to have breakfast waiting at the gathering place. River Palms provided the lodge right on the water. DOA even had box lunches ready. It was a very cool setup with awesome hospitality.  I will have to revisit this place once the winds calm down a bit so I can get offshore some.

Speaking of the wind it cranked up on us even higher today, but today I got to fish with Blair Wiggins the host of the popular TV show Addictive Fishing and his friend Captain Greg Snyder. Using DOA shrimp and DOA cal jig heads we were out there before sun cam  up. The bite was excellent as the sun come coming up as it looks like everyone was hooked up with some snook.

During the action I decided not to fish as I wanted some  jumping shots. The only problem here is the surf was crashing with the east wind.  It was very “unsafe” for my camera to be out there wading in the rough seas. Taking a chance  I tried anyways. Many times I had to  hold the camera  above my head to avoid the splashes as the waves comes crashing in.

Once the sun came up though the bite came to an abrupt halt. The only thing we caught after that was a small snooklets. We packed it in about noon so every one could head home.

I left 3 camera bodies, 6 lens and a video camera in there. The pelican box is worth every penny.

2 slow shutter speed photos. Since the fishing was so so I just put the camera in S mode(shutter), turn the know down to like 20/s and got some cool blur effects.