D.O.A. writers festival, River Palms Cottages, Captain Chris Myers Snook

July 19th 2010

Today I’m at the D.O.A lures writer’s festival. The festival is an invite only gathering or writers, photographers, and sponsors involved with DOA. We gather at the River Palms Cottage here in Jensen Beach Florida. It is a very casual fun time where food, beer, is serve and on top of that the take us fishing for two days.

Today I got to fish with Captain Chris Myers. The Seargar rep could not make it today so it was Chris and I. We fished the bridges here with DOA terror Eyes. To me it didn’t look very fishy but Chris quick bangs out a quality snook to prove me complete wrong. The he bangs out another quality snook and this one was even bigger. Unfortunately he was attacked by a shark.

We decided to move on to another bridge to try the same tactic. Bouncing the bottom we DOA terror eyes. We caught lots of small snook and got another over slot snook. I tell you these guys here on the east has awesome snook fishery still. We worked some canals later and got a few more snooks, this time using the DOA shrimp.

About 1:30pm it was getting hot and I wanted to call it day. I’m sure we could have banged out a few more snook but we hard a party to go to and I wanted a shower and a nap.

DOA threw one nice part we free booze, BBQ chicken and pork tonight. I have to say the company and atmosphere here a River Palms has been awesome the last couple days. After the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas at ICAST, it was nice to chill out for a couple days on the water.