Badonk-a-donk strikes again, video try

This morning I fished with my buds Ryan and Jon. I took em’ back to a little creek that opens up to a slightly untouched area. I love to fish this this place but sometimes it can be really tricky to get back there. Lots of chances to ding up your skiff getting in. Over hanging trees, branches under water covered in barnacles, etc. High tide is the only way to get in and when the tide is ripping out you have limited time to fish the area or you can’t get out. We were able to fish for about two hours there. We only landed 1 red which you will see in the vid and the pic. We did have a few other blow ups but couldn’t get the job done. The red in the video was awesome. On the platform I got to see the eat and he absolutely inhaled the lure from the front. It was bad a$$. I cut the video short because I did a poor job at handleing the Kodak Play Sport. I was on the poling platform trying to hold the boat in place and video at the same time. That’s right, all the talk with the play sport I had to get one and I love it. My video editing is poor as of now, I am trying to learn this editing program and I suck at it. Any how, here it is….

O’ya, vid also shows a good example of poor fish handling.  Little excited in the moment and the fish had an excellent release