Minnkota Talon, Competative product to Power Pole, ICAST 2010, Las Vegas

July 17th 2010

A new product from Minnkota this year is the shallow water anchoring system called the Talon. This was one of the more interesting items I saw at CAST 2010. I think I only made 3 videos(using the Kodak Playsport) and this was one of them.

Some specs and features that I thought was worth mentioning.

I saw it on a guys’ boat a couple of months ago (testing it) but I did not get a chance to check it out. He wasn’t very informative and did not want me to take any photos so I have not mention it.

I would love to check it out in the Saltwater environment. So if anyone is in my area running one those and want to show me how it works, shoot me an email sam@saltyshores.com.

It’s electric based 6′ to 8′
Easy to install with just one cable one plugin
auto up/down
auto drive(waits 3 seconds, drive it down for more secure anchoring)

  • Depth indicator
  • Rough water mode
  • Manual up/down on pole

Built in suspension (float with wave action)
Mounting Bracket is adjustable after the install.(height and angle)
audible alarm for when ignition turns on and your anchor is down
Comes with 2 remotes
Weights for the 8′ model: 33 lbs.

Retail $1,299 with a six-foot, four-inch spike and $1,449 with an eight-foot, four-inch spike


4 button wireless remote
Quick disconnect kit(under bridges etc)
Optional mounting brackets

Official Press Release by Minnkota

Here is a quick video I shot with the Kodak Playsport. Besides adding the Saltyshores.com logo its unedited and I thought it turned out nicely for a $150 camera. In the interest faster turnover to web and portability, I didn’t bring my big cameras to the show this year. After last year, it was just too cumbersome and over kill for just a show interview. There wasn’t a shortage of guys running around with them though. I saw one guy with so much video gear strapped on, Halo over head body mount, batman utility vest and all, I don’t know how he stood up for the entire show. I mean he looked like those guys that does the “one man band” thing. I should have taken a photo. 🙂


The only place I’ve seen the Minn Kota Talon listed for sale at:

Johnson Outdoors MinnKota 8-Feet Talon Shallow Water Anchor (Silver/White)