Las Vegas night helicopter ride with the Canon 7d, video from ICAST 2010

July 17th 2010

While I was over in Las Vegas, at the ICAST 2010 show, I did a helicopter ride. All the people that said they wanted to go chickened out so I went alone. This was actually a good thing. Since I was alone they put me in the front seat!

I shot some video and stills using the Canon 7d while I was up there. Though the low light sensitivity was great(shot at 4000iso), you can tell that it did not have any kind if image stabilization. Also very visible is the jello effect from the camera using a cmos sensor. Anytime the camera had too much movement you can see the screen wiggling.

Though DSLR has come a long ways in the video field, Action shots it is not the best for. Tripod shots are awesome however.