G.Loomis NRX fly rods, ICAST 2010, Las Vegas

July 15th 2010

Yesterday G.Loomis did the official release of the new G.Loomis NRX Fly rod at ICAST 2010. Considering the it was only buyers, media and industry people allow the place was crowded. With speakers blair music and videos running I didn’t here or see much of what was said as I was waaaay in the back. I waited until the crowd and guys with the cameras died down and checked them out.  Snapped some shots of the rods. It’s tough to take photos of rods but I did the best I could.

I Saw some one in the back casting a fly rod in a suite, so I figure I go back and see if I could give it try. As I got closer, I immediately recognize the person as Jose Wejebe, the hose of  Spanish Fly TV. I had met him over my friend Derek of Boldwater’s house a  couple years back.  He waived me over and we started chatting.  He told me about all the testing that he has been doing with the rod the last few months and what he has caught on them etc.

Jose was really getting it out there. So when he ask me if I wanted to cast it, not wanting to embarrass myself I was paused for about 2 seconds before saying Hell yes! The first thing I noticed it was crazy light weight, yes the lightest G.Loomis I have ever touched.  They were not lying when they were saying the action was faster than the GLX.

I didn’t cast it as good as Jose of course and I only took out 2 people, just kidding.  The rod cast nicely, anyone looking for a faster, lighter rod will be very happy with NRX series.

Some facts:

Guides: all recoil (looks titanium color)

retail price: $775 compare to the GLX $675



One of the Shimano people John Mazurkiewicz: Came across the Saltyshores.com a couple days ago. He hooked me up with the “official” press release kit which is now a days a cool thumb drive.

Here is the official press release:

Media Information

Media contact: John Mazurkiewicz/Catalyst Marketing – 574/289-1331 – jpmazurk@ameritech.net

EFTTEX Show 2010 – Valencia, Spain – Best New Fly Rod Award Winner



WOODLAND, Washington USAICAST Show 2010 Introduction – Anglers around the globe realize G.Loomis is a long-time leader in graphite rod blank technology. It started with IM6 and GL2, then to GL3 and IMX, and then GLX more than 16 years ago, the only graphite made strictly for use in the construction of fishing rods. The next breakthrough is now here with G.Loomis’ new NRX fly rod series, offered in 16 four-piece models in weights and designs for trout, salmon/steelhead, saltwater and two-hand/spey techniques. The rods have already received international recognition by being honored with the ‘Best New Fly Rod’ award at European Fishing Tackle Trade Expo (EFTTEX), held this past June in Valencia, Spain.

(Editor’s Note: G.Loomis’ NRX fly rods – and 13 NRX casting and spinning bass rods – will be available from select tackle dealers in both the U.S. and Canada on Friday, August 13 starting at 8pm local time – we’ll have additional information on the rod launch including participating shops the week of August 2)

Calling on the talents of chief rod designer Steve Rajeff and the support of the entire G.Loomis team worldwide, anglers “will uncover a series of rods that are at least 15-percent lighter than equivalent power GLX rods, plus we’re able to offer a durability feature to make them up to 20-percent stronger and more impact resistant,” said Rajeff. “And as anglers would expect from G.Loomis, we bring the best in components – from reel seats, grips and guides – selected specifically for the NRX fly rod series. At G.Loomis, we have never settled for just good enough. These NRX rods are the best at every level in terms of graphite, resins and components to provide anglers with the most dynamic, lightweight and sensitive rods we can make.”

According to Justin Poe, brand manager for G.Loomis, the NRX construction method is completely unique to rod manufacturing. “By utilizing a stiffer, lighter and higher density carbon married with Nano Silica resin systems, we can provide Steve and his design team with a material that provides all kinds of positive benefits to anglers. The rods are lighter, yet more durable, extremely sensitive, and yet stiffer. Obviously we simply think they are the best fly rods out there.”

Within the NRX series, trout anglers are addressed with four 9-foot rods offered in 3, 4, 5 and 6 weights. For salmon and steelhead action, G.Loomis offers 10-foot NRX rods in 7, 8 and 9 weights. For both lighter action inshore and heavier tarpon and tuna use in the salt, NRX rods include 9-foot 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 weight models, while two-hand casters are provide with NRX spey rods in a 13-foot 8/9, a 14-foot 9/10, and a 15-foot 10/11.

All the NRX fly rods feature black Ion coated REC Recoil guides. Each rods custom reel seat – proprietary to G.Loomis – has no exposed threads so as to make it easy to lock the reel to the reel seat. The grips feature G.Loomis’ ‘HD cork’ design, where the cork transitions to provide more sensitivity where needed, and more durability in where needed.

“What fly anglers will experience with NRX is line on the water sensitivity through the rod blank that they have never felt before – either in a G.Loomis rod or any other,” Poe states. “And with our NRX trout rods, it could be the difference needed on whether you fish with an indicator or not. At G.Loomis, we say these rods have life. Fish one and you’ll quickly feel what we mean.”

As with all G.Loomis rods, the NRX models are manufactured in the USA. For more information on the new NRX fly rods (and bass rods), visit gloomis.com, call 800/GLoomis, or stop by your nearest G.Loomis tackle dealer.