ICAST 2010 news, Las Vegas, New Sebile Lure, and G. Loomis NRX Series Rods

July 12th 2010

Today as I get ready to leave for Las Vegas in the morning,  I’m getting a bunch of emails/press release from vendors that are showing their latest greatest over at ICAST 2010 in Las Vegas this week. ICAST 2010 is a not open to the public show with lots to see as far as fishing tackle is concern. I will have to make a list of things I must check out as I’m pretty sure even with 3 days I will not have to check out everything properly.

As far as rod goes there is a huge interest in the new G.Loomis (now own by Shimano) Fly and Spin series that is position above their top of the line GLX series. The new G.Loomis flagship I believe will be named the G.Loomis NRX series.  NRX, I have read, stands for “Nano Resin X”. The rod is suppose to be 20% lighter 25% stronger than their GLX series. Off the record, I’ve talk to some people that claim it will be even lighter than the lightest fly rod in the world. The title is unofficially held currently by the Orvis Helios.

Sebile new lures for 2011:

Another company I will check is Sebile lure which took last year’s soft and hard plastics award at ICAST 2009 in Orlando.

I do not know too much about it right now but here is the press release:

SEBILE’S ICAST New Product Showcase Entries

This year at ICAST, SEBILE will enter three new products into New Product Showcase competition:

  • A.T. Worm – Soft Lure Category
  • Pro-Shad Spinnerbait Finesse & Trophy Series – Hard Lure Category
  • Soft Weight System – Terminal Tackle Category

The plan for tomorrow is to fly in Las Vegas, check into the hotel then head to the convention center. Tuesday afternoon will be the press/media preview day. I will take some photos and video of some interesting times(like the products mentioned above) then set up the computer and upload a mini preview on Saltyshores the same day.

Well that is the plan anyways. I don’t know if there is any rule against that or not. Regardless I will give it a go and see if I can get the scoop for you guys.