Bienville Plantation Bass Fishing

July 11th 2010

Today I tried to do some Bass fishing with fly with Trent and Brad from Flint Creek Outfitters. I have heard so much about this bass fishing place in north Florida called Bienville Plantation. The place is suppose to be legendary for trophy bass. I have to say I was highly disappointed.  The place is run down and the lakes were overgrown with hydrilla plants. I mean we had to clear the motor and the trolling motor several time.

What once was a  place of stories is now a shell of what it once was. I mean there use to be combination gates, and guards to keep people out of these famed lakes full of thriving big bass. There are no more gates, I did not see any guards or grounds keepers. The ramp was full of hydrilla and I say 50% of the place we went to was unnavigable.  We caught one small bass and several blue gills in our almost  7hours of fishing. Hardly a place I will ever go back again not to mention it took us 3 hours to get there for Tampa.

White springs was the name of the small town. They only had one restaurant which was closed on Sundays. The place had a pretty cool history.  It held a big spring that was suppose to have healing properties.

White Sulphur Springs was considered to be a sacred healing ground and warring tribes could come to bathe in and drink the mineral waters here while putting aside their disagreements.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time but the fishing was very lacking and well under anyone’s expectation. I think the only shot I got that was any good was of the Praying Mantis that got on the boat today.

Like I alway say… “There’s no guarantee in fishing… ”

He Jump on my lens, friendly fellow.

Pretty much what we had to deal with most of the day.