Tampa Tarpon Fishing, Late Season Tarpon

July 9th 2010

Today I again, schlep off more responsible things and got on the water yet again. It was ridiculously calm out there this morning and I couldn’t help it. Nick and I went out in the morning but with no tide moving the bite was very slow. We called the day before 10am got some things done and hopped on the boat my buddy Capt Glen Taylor. We got on a nice tarpon bite towards the end of the day.

I manage to get lucky on one of best tarpon action photo of 2010. I mean it’s full frame and tack sharp. I shot it at 5000th of second shutter speed. This allow me to freeze all kinds of motion. Normally you couldn’t do this but the sun was bright and there was plenty of lights to allow me to shoot in such higher shutter speed.

Bellow is a so-so photo.. a little blown out near the belly. The shadows didn’t help.

Look how crazy slick calm that is.

Good sun, focus at high lens speed, tarpon was actually still coming out with a good pose. Full frame and perfect exposure with no blown out areas.

The above photos zoomed in.