Paynes Prairie State Preserve

I had some business in northern Florida today, so on the way back to Tampa I stopped at Paynes Prairie State Preserve.  I got there around mid-day, not the best light to shoot pictures, but I made the most of it.  As I was walking along the boardwalk that borders Lake Wauberg, a lady came up to me and we chatted.  She asked if I had been to the observation tower and had I seen the wild horses? “Wild horses?”  I thought, no way, these had to be some ranchers horses.  So I headed over to the visitor center and observation tower.  Once there I talked with one of the park rangers and sure enough, the park has wild horses that can be traced back to the Spaniards.  There are also wild Bison and cattle, called Cracker Cows.  Now I have seen wild horses out in Nevada, but I thought how cool would it be to see some here in Florida.  She told me this time of year the best chance to see them is to park at the north entrance and take the trail to another tower.  That’s exactly what I did.  And guess what I found?  Wild horses.  Enjoy the pictures.

If you look real close, in the center of the picture you will see the horses.  I wasnt sure at first, so I watched them for a long time, as they moved out you could clearly see they were horses.  I wouldnt even care to guess how far away they were, but it was a very long ways off.