ICAST 2010, The world’s largest sport fishing show, Las Vegas

July 6th 2010

Next week is the ICAST. ICAST is the world’s largest sport fishing show that comes together once a year in the US. I attended when it was in Orlando and now it has moved back to Las Vegas this year.

Everybody who’s anybody will be there.  From the well known companies showing off their latest toys like Shimano, Daiwa, Pradco to companies from over seas you have never heard of.

It its not for the public. It’s for buyers, sellers, and people in the industry. Saltyshores.com is now recognize as “media” finally so I get to do all cool stuff this year.

I will be attending the show for 3 days as media. This media badge will give me access to all the latest greatest, cool new toys that will be coming out for 2011. As you know I’m a gadget guy and so are most fisherman I know. I will be carrying my laptop with mi-fi for full net net access. So I will be updating Saltyshores.com with all kinds of cool toys gadgets and short video interviews.

Besides the laptop I will be taking my DSLR, the Playsport and small camcorder with me to get some good media. Usually at these shows you’ll see all the fishing celebrity as well. I saw most of them last year but really didn’t get any videos of them, just say hello blah blah. This year I think I will get some cool sound clips from guys we see on TV.. it should be fun.

Besides the ICAST thing, one of the thing I want to do when I’m over there is to get a night helicopter ride of down town vegas. I will record a video of it and have some fun with it. Really looking forward to this.

So stay tune all you fishing gadget junkie, I will do my best to bring it to you first here on Saltyshores.com