Down South with Honson, David McCleaf, and Captain Frank

Junly 5th 2010

The last couple days I was fishing with Honson down south. Our goal was to get some Tarpon and bonefish on fly. The first day we had another friend David McCleaf with us. We tried to get on some Tarpon on the ocean side but the skies were not cooperating for us. They were overcast and visibility was almost one. We did eventually sport some rollers coming out way but getting the fly to them was another story. With the storms and wind building we packed it in right after lunch.

The second day we headed to the keys with Captain Frank, to do some bonefishing. The tide wasn’t the greatest but we eventually found lots bonefish on the flats. The only issue here is they did not hang around for vary long. We had a few decent shots and missed 2 on fly but no hook up. The eventually disappeared and did not return. Disappointed we made the run to the everglades. Frank poled us on some nice redfish opportunity. It was a bit frustrating at first with the winds low and they were somewhat spooky but we eventually got 3 to the boat.

I did get a 2 out of 3 eats on video. I’ll be compiling a quick clip for you entertainment. One fish we hooked in small creek got us all wrapped around a narrow passage way. Eventually after some drama we did caught up and landed him.

I shot o bunch of boat talk on the Kodak Playsport. I will call this series Saltyshores: “Boat Talk Confessions” along the line of the HBO series Taxi Cab Confessions. This is basically a Vlog of us talking BS on and off the boat about whatever pops into our head, just fun stuff nothing serious really. This will bring you to the action or non action as most of the time we’re talking the fishing is probably a bit slow. Regardless it makes for some interesting and funny video.