Engagement photos for Geoff and Megan


Last Week I was down in Ft. Lauderdale shooting some Engagement photos for Geoff and Megan. It’s my first engagement photoshoot. When I got there they showed me about 10 shots that were in the “must have” category and asked me if I knew how to shoot them. I was pretty confident I could. I am so use to spontaneous shots and shooting action with very little warning and no time to prepare. Setting up shots did not seem that difficult.

We drove to different locations and shot away at whatever light we were given. The day was mostly cloudy so the sunrise shot with the full sun in the background didn’t happen. We got plenty of other good shots though. I have to say it was very very hot out there. It’s one thing when you’re fishing, on the water and every once in a while the boat runs and we get a nice breeze. But on hot balmy days and you walking all over the place sweat was just pouring out of me.

In fishing and outdoor photography I don’t get a chance to do much creative editing. In engagement and wedding photos editing and creativity is encourage. This was pretty refreshing as I could do all kinds of photoshop filters, over exposed on purpose, vignetting, underexposure on purpose. It was fun running the different filters on the photos.

No Saltyshores will not turn into a wedding photography website. I just wanted to post my first shoot here. In the future, I will be working on more of a “portfolio” website to put up non outdoor photos I do there.

I included a Youtube slide show/video and my favorite photo from shoot.