East Coast 2010, Beaver tail Vengeance, Lack of colors

Some images of the east coasting fishing. The tailers were there but they just was not sitcking them up very high that day. Willy, Eddie and I fished out of Eddie’s Beaver tail Vengeance.

Now that I have fished skinny water with it as well as deeper waters, I know more about the  shallow water characteristics of the Beavertail Vengeance. Draft with 3 people, gear, 20 gallons of gas and 50 lbs of camera gear was excellent. I say it drafted about 8″ with all that. Super stable very fishable.  We ran back in 2′ seas  and it took the chop very very well. It landed softly and it was a dry ride for a poling skiff. The boat floated high with out a bunch of squatting.  It did have some hull slap because of the spray rails in the front contacting the waves that were hitting us.

Photo notes: After the sun came out , the skies were grey pretty much all day. There just wasn’t much colors for any pretty pictures. I did some creative editing to make the photos a little more interesting.