Bohemian 17 Skiff, Video of the new skiff hull by Bohemian boats out of Sarasota, Florida

June 27th 2010

One thing about if you have not noticed, I put whatever I feel is cool up. So if anything comes along we think it’s cool and worthy of sharing it goes up. This includes but not limit to, food, lures, boats, clothing etc etc.

I think this concept works because it comes across as a being non bias. Well at least I hope it comes across that way. 🙂

I do my best to keep creating my own original content. I also do my best not to talk about things I have not personally experience of.

So when Richard told me about this Bohemian skiff down in Sarasota I had to go check it out myself. I took my Koday Playsport, which btw turns out to be an excellent Vlog camera(minus the lack of macro mode), down to the factory this Sunday to check it out. Richard already took some photos so I wanted to get some video to share.

bohemian 17

One of the cooler (from scratch) concept(I say concept because because it hasn’t been built yet) is this new skiff out of Sarasota Florida called Bohemian 17 skiff. It has some very interesting lines, a few new concepts like dampening hull material etc. I look forward to check it out when it’s ready to hit the water.

Some specs:

length is 17’6″

56″ at waterline

max 90hp.

Estimated draft 7″

Expected retail price depending on options etc: 15-25k