3rd Saltyshores Newsletter went out today

June 27th 2010

The 3rd Saltyshores newsletter finally went out today. We skipped May as there just wasn’t enough time in the day to get all caught up on everything.

This month’s title newsletter is Sponsored by Wanganchor.com and Breathe Like a fish apparel.

The big prize this time is the $89 Tri-Shear by innovative tackle.

If you have not gotten your prize package from the last 2 newsletters it is because I have not a chance to send them. I know I’m crazy late.. but they are all sitting in the garage waiting for me to print out the labels and take them to the post office. I will make it a point to do it this week and I will even document it using my playsport video camera. Sorry about that.

The following winners please contact me with your mailing address and I’ll get your prizes.

  • Keith Howard- Tri Shears
  • Jenn Parker – Gilz (Breathe Like a Fish) MicroFiber
  • John Martin- Sebile Lure
  • Linda Truemper – MirroLure
  • Daniel Nance – Mister Twister Lure( Exude)