Gulf Oil spill news and updates, Dragon Fly boat works helping the birds

June 25th 2010

I know I haven’t talked much about the oil spill in the gulf much on here. It  is definitely affecting the fishing/boating/tourism industry so I just wanted to address a couple questions people has asked me and what I have observe on a personal local levels. I’m no expert so I will not be making any broad general statements which I have no clue about for the most part.(there are no shortage of people that will give these statements though) I will stick to what I believe to be facts.

  • No the oil spill has not reached any where near Tampa, If you look at the map I show you 90% of Florida beaches remains open.(panhandles are getting some oil on the beaches)
  • No it has not affect the fishing that I know of, as  matter of fact it’s been pretty darn good around here.
  • Yes people are putting boat purchases, beach weddings, vacations on hold. (most guides I know are doing fine though, for now)
  • Yes I know some people that has decided to “Ban BP”, personally I think the only people that would hurt would be your local business man.

While most boat companies are worried about selling boats and staying in business during this time of lull, Mark Castlow and Jim Meador of Dragon fly boatworks is using their boat to help the wild life. The wild life near the oils stricken areas are being hit hard by the oil spill. They have found a way to help in this matter. You can watch the video and read more about their modified bird rescue boat here:

Here is a map I found that would show you the areas are closed and more important the area that is open for business.