New Contributor Capt Willy Le, Boca Grand Fishing with Cody Chivas, Jason Stock and Lauren

June 24th 2010

Saltyshores added a much needed East coast contributor today. Captain Willy Le. Willy runs the an HPX-T and is an excellent photographer. I will try to get out with him next week if the weather allows. Thanks Willy for joining the team!

Yesterday I drove down to Boca Grand to fish with Cody, Jason and Lauren.  This time the jet lagged I still have remnants of helped. I got up instantly at 4am and was at the ramp 30minutes early. We had some breakfast at the Gasparilla marina while Cody dealt with some water in the boat issues but we were on the water in a reasonable amount time. We took advantage of the down time to talk about all kinds of crazy stuff. I have lots it on video .. kinda funny.  They also let us feed the giant snooks that were hanging out at the docks waiting for guy to throw away dead shrimp. The water was murky but it was still pretty cool.

The day was not an epic bite but we manage 2 for 3 on Tarpon yesterday. The fish we lost was an epic fall off the boat screw up. The fish was actually still on. I was filming so I got the entire sequence on video. It’s pretty funny. I will do a quick edit and put it up later today.

Mean while here are some photos I manage to get of yesterday’s adventure.