Bohemian Boatworks

I got a call the other day from a builder.  He wanted me to take some pics of his skiff that he is building.  This is the plug.  He has to do a finish sanding on it before he builds the mold.  I got permission to post a couple pics!   I will be getting more as the build process continues.

Hull length is 17’6″, 56″ wide at the water line.  Estimated draft sub 7″.

Base model retail expected around 15k.
Full trim package around 25k.

Bow flair
003.jpg picture by skinny_water
Hull shot
002.jpg picture by skinny_water

001.jpg picture by skinny_water

If you have any questions please visit the post at

Seeing is believing and this is a very impressive design.  If you are interested on seeing more of the skiff shoot me an email at